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Pandemic Confession is a series of drawings based off the feelings I experienced during the beginning of the COVID-19 lockdown. I wasn’t allowed to work in my studio during this time, so I had to create projects at my home.  This daily exercise turned into a diary of sorts as I had the time to process past experiences. Time in isolation helped me turn these experiences into a narrative that could be told through my drawings.

"Pandemic Confessions" Book

  • This 36 page 10.25 x 7.25 inch drawing book was printed with litho by separating the scanned images in 5 degrees (Aqua blue, Blue, Red, Yellow, Black). In order to print the black lines in the drawing only with black ink.  Between the drawing and the inside cover, 100% biodegradable vinyl/textile-like Pabtic Triinga paper was placed as a separator to separate the drawing and the inside cover. After saddle-stitching the inner cover, the title was printed with ink on the cover of 360 g, and the back cover and inner back were glued together to finish.

    Each book is signed and numbered with a orignal color pencil drawing.

    Edition of 300

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